Hey party people, welcome to The Social Riot! If you’re here, parties are important to you and so are your guests. The Social Riot is all about creating unique moments for you and your guests and leaving them with customized memories for years to come. We pride ourselves in truly getting to know you or your guest of honor to ensure that we throw a party that embodies the real reason for the celebration. Hosting can be a handful and The Social Riot is designed to remind you that parties are meant to be creative and fun, by handling all the heavy lifting for you. From your wildest dreams to a classic dinner party straight out of a storybook our goal is to bring your vision to life and then some. Life is short and you only get one go around, so you might as well make it a party!

Services Include:
Birthday Parties
Engagement Parties
Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties
Rehearsal Diners
Holiday Parties
Themed Events
Divorce Parties
Business Openings
Creative Assistance
Virtual Assistance

What we do:
Set up a meeting with us today and we can get started chatting about your vision and budget. We will work closely with you, getting to know you and your guest of honor to ensure the celebration reflects the guests of honor or theme seamlessly.

Our pricing varies depending on the event and location. We will always work with you and your budget to help turn your dream party to reality.